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SleevesPro™ - Knee pain relief

SleevesPro™ - Knee pain relief

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Anyone experiencing knee pain, discomfort, or instability can benefit from using knee sleeves. They are commonly used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals recovering from knee injuries or surgeries.

Knee sleeves can be worn during various activities, including weightlifting, running, cycling, and sports such as basketball or soccer. They are particularly beneficial during exercises that involve repetitive knee movements or high impact on the knees. Additionally, knee sleeves are suitable for activities like walking and running, as well as any movement that puts stress on the knees, to ensure protection and support.

Knee sleeves work by applying gentle compression to the knee joint, which helps improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. This compression also provides support to the surrounding muscles and ligaments, enhancing stability during movement. In addition to protecting your knees, knee sleeves are very useful for those who have had surgery or knee injuries, as they provide safety protection and help prevent sports accidents. They also improve knee stability, allowing individuals to engage in various activities with confidence.

SleevesPro™ orders are fulfilled and then shipped in an average 5-10 days.

We recommend only wear it when you’re exercising or doing something where you need additional support and stability. They aren’t designed to be worn all day. The amount of time you should wear a knee brace would depend on your condition, pain levels and possibly instructions by your clinician.
If you’re injured, wearing a knee sleeve is only one small part of your recovery. It is important to have a doctor diagnose your knee injury and, if needed, to work with a physical therapist to restore your range of motion, balance and strength so you resolve your issue long-term.

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